our story

It’s a place where you come to feel empowered and find hella fly style. Sewn Apart is what happens when you come apart and come back together.

We are here to make things a little brighter and greener.

We believe that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you possess the power of change.

We believe in thinking globally and acting locally.

We believe in focusing on the things that connect rather than the things that separate us.

We believe that food is a human right.

We believe in giving back and helping out.

We believe in doing more with less.

Sewn Apart takes old clothes and refashions them into new designs. The clothes that we put on our body and the food that we eat come from the same system and our agricultural system is fundamentally broken. We want to address that. Currently, we are giving back by partnering with an urban farm, The Sustainable Living Project. A portion of all sales goes toward supporting them and their mission of teaching others about sustainable gardening and living. SLP is also allowing us to conduct a fabric composting project with on their land.*

When I changed my style, not just changed but also realized the power of style, it was one of the first times in my life when I felt really empowered. I felt sassy, I felt sexy, I felt anonymous and like every woman at the same time. It helped me heal. It was so small a gesture, not even fully conscious of the change. I was different and I needed to show that. Something happened and I would never be the same, and I needed some kind of outward change to match the kind of change that was happening inside. I felt terrible; my heart was broken because of the loss. Dressing better than I felt helped to improve my mood. That and a combination of other things, but changing my style was a part of my healing journey.

Sewn Apart has a dual meaning. One – how the clothes are made, by deconstruction of old clothes. And two – the journey of losing one self and coming back together, through trauma, grief, disappointment, and more. Sometimes we have to come apart in order to come back together. You’re not alone. And there’s no shame. We’re all in this together.  

*We’ve been doing some research on fabric composting as an alternative to throwing fabric scraps away. All resources say fabric composting is possible (organic material only, synthetic will not break down), yet there seems to be a lack of data on actual composted fabric. Hence, this is our research project and experiment. More on this coming soon as we embark on this endeavor.