Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your fabric from?

Here, there, and everywhere. Some of the fabric comes from the back of my closet or the closets of friends. I’ve inherited fabric from my mom and friend’s grandmothers. I’ve received a fair amount of fabric from women who no longer sew as much as they used to. And some fabric is thrifted or found at estate sales.

How do you even tie a bow tie?

Watch our tutorial here or here. I also recommend Bill Nye’s video. Hey Bill!

Who makes the ties?

Mostly some amazing women from this group called Sewn Together. Sewn Together is a social enterprise formed under the nonprofit Answered Prayers Project based in St Petersburg, Florida.

In honor of my fun-loving, video-camera holding, card stealing grandfather. He was really funny, had all kinds of collections - trains, baseball cards, state quarters, presidential memorabilia. Read more about Tony here.

Why bow ties?