The intersection between art, the environment, and fashion.

Do you ever think about where your clothes come from? Or what happens to them when you’re finished wearing them?

The clothes we put on our bodies and the food we eat come come from the same system - our agricultural system. We know this in theory and we're working toward making this connection stronger. By recycling unwanted clothes into new designs, we aim to divert unnecessary waste from landfills while simulteanously giving back to local food systems.



Sewn Apart is a social enterprise with a driving desire to fix our agricultural system and give back to the food community. We see the intersection between food, fashion, art, and the environment and are building a business to connect these dots in a more tangible way.

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.

Donate some of your old clothes with us and receive a discount. Follow along on our fabric compost journey to learn more.

Ways to be a Fashion Revolutionary:

  • shop vintage and second hand

  • mend your clothes when they need it

  • sew patches or embroider over stains

  • ask brands “Who made my clothes?”

  • ask yourself if you’re getting at least 30 wears out of every item in your closet; the answer should be yes

  • share this message with your friends!