Twiggy : The face of ’66

Heralded as the first supermodel, she also sang, acted, and is a designer.

Known for her short hair and big eyes, she stood out in a time when everyone else was trying to. Sandwiched between the assassinations of JFK and MLK, stepping into the spotlight at the same time as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. 

Her short hair was in line with the 60s freedom of expression and rebellion of gender/societal/cultural norms. Her thin frame and androgynous looks are what we remember most. She was equally appealing to men and women, challenging the beauty standards of the hourglass as the ideal shape, much like Kate Moss did in the 1990s. 

According to a Vogue 2016 article, “Twiggy, née Lesley Hornby, was to modeling what the Beatles were to music. Both were products of youthful, experimental, Swinging London. ‘A heroine for her time’ is how [we] described this coltish, freckle-faced teenager, whose style defined an era”. Her style would go on to set many trends and influence a number of templates that would last: “A-line dresses with collars and neckties, suits and dresses that took their details from military uniforms, or, in the case of Yves Saint Laurent, an explicit transposition of the male tuxedo to women.” 

Twiggy’s modeling career was pretty short lived – from 1966-1970 – however, she lived many lives after modeling. She later stepped into acting, singing, designing clothing, making perfume, became a TV personality, and was an advocate for many causes and charities throughout the years.

We love that Twiggy is a natural woman and hasn’t had any plastic surgery. “I'd be too frightened because I don't like the idea of anesthetic. and I don't particularly like that look,”she told a CBS reporter in 2018. 

Why do I love Twiggy?

I love her style. I’ve always been fascinated with the 60s and the incredible amount of change that decade brought. I love how she came about in a time of fashion as self expression and she fit in perfectly. She was part of the counterculture of the time – men with long hair, women with short hair, women in menswear. 

There were so many moving parts and all of them were important. I’m inspired by the fact that this teenage girl became an international sensation and was so appealing in her androgyny. I love how feminine she was – and continues to be – in her androgyny. She wore suits and ties as a teen and wears them now, and is just as elegant and classy as she ever was. 

I love how many careers Twiggy has had – model, actress (for stage and film), TV host, singer, designer, author. She reminds me that we can change our minds every day and it’s not too late. She also reminds me that life is meant to be lived, which is why she had so many careers.

She’s funny. She’s humble. She took full advantage of all life had to offer and is still surprised by the opportunities that come her way, including being honored as a Dame Commander of the British Empire just last week, with Prince Charles saying “We are so happy for you.”